Here at North Road Service Center, we offer Full in-house, cleaning and regasketing of all types of plate heat exchangers. 

       1.Process starts with recording the customer information, plate count, and gasket type of dirty plates received

       2. Removal of old gaskets

       3. Plates are pre-washed to remove loose debris

       4. Plates are dipped in a hot caustic bath to remove any oils

       5. Plates are removed from caustic and powerwashed

       6. Plates are dipped in a non corrosive acid solution to remove any buildup and staining

       7. Plates are removed from acid and powerwashed again....

       8. Plates are then manually cleaned for any leftover stains or fouling.

       9. Old gasket adhesive is removed from gasket groove.

       10. Plates are then coated with a dye penetrant and tested for cracks and / or holes

       11. Plates are then pressured washed again to remove dye penetrant

       12.  Plates are inspected and new gaskets are installed (Adhesive bonded or clip on)

       13. Gasketed plates are inspected and crated for shipment or delivery